Backcare Firm Pillow Top Mattress

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Our mattress goes beyond ordinary sleep surfaces. It’s designed to guide you to a comfortable and healthy sleep posture by ensuring your spine is perfectly aligned. This blend of advanced backcare support and sumptuous fabrics creates an exquisite sleep experience.

We’ve incorporated the latest innovations in back support into the mattress, combining science and comfort. But it’s not just about function; we’ve also chosen premium fabrics for a luxurious touch. In essence, our mattress is a fusion of technology and comfort, offering you a journey to better sleep and well-being.

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Our mattress is designed to assist you in achieving the ideal sleeping position, promoting a healthier and more restful slumber through effective spinal alignment support. It integrates cutting-edge backcare techniques with the most comfortable fabrics available, making it the preferred choice for those embracing a health-conscious lifestyle.


Our product offers a range of outstanding features:

  • A sturdy coil system combined with compressed upholstery layers.
  • Rigorously tested back support technology complemented by premium fiber materials.
  • An unparalleled sleeping experience facilitated by multiple layers.
  • Long-lasting and enhanced comfort thanks to stretch knit fabric.
  • Edge Support for consistent comfort distribution across the entire mattress.
  • An Australian-made product crafted to the highest quality standards.


Our delivery timeline is designed with your convenience in mind:

  • You can typically expect to receive your order within 2-6 days from the date of purchase, although the exact duration may vary depending on your location.
  • For deliveries to areas outside the metropolitan regions, there’s a modest charge of $1 per kilometer.
  • Please be aware that these mentioned delivery charges are specifically for ground-floor deliveries.
  • Additional fees may be applicable for deliveries to the upper floors.
  • Within a 20-kilometer radius, we’re pleased to offer same-day delivery for added convenience.

However, for custom orders, we kindly request a bit of extra time for delivery to ensure that your unique piece is crafted to perfection.

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4 reviews for Backcare Firm Pillow Top Mattress

  1. Ergul

    Very comfortable and supportive mattress.

  2. Les

    Love the mattress..

  3. Shane

    Very comfortable and reliable..

  4. Racheal Reeves

    Great helpful service, quick delivery and very good quality of mattress.

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